Domenica Farcone  ‏(I139)‏
Domenica Farcone

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: Palermo, Italy
Death: December
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth Palermo, Italy

Death Death December
Reference Number 127
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Immediate Family  (F90)
Antonio Perez
Carmello Vincent Perez
1904 - 1998

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Close Relatives
Family with Antonio Perez
Antonio Perez ‎(I138)‎
Birth Palermo, Italy
Death December
Domenica Farcone ‎(I139)‎
Birth Palermo, Italy
Death December
Carmello Vincent Perez ‎(I107)‎
Birth 5 June 1904
Death 1 January 1998 ‏(Age 93)‏ Buffalo, NY