Maria Concetta Leuzzi  ‎(I196)‎
Maria Concetta Leuzzi

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: Delianuova, Italy
Death: December
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth Delianuova, Italy

Death Death December
Reference Number 181
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Immediate Family  (F140)
Nicola Luppino
Maria Antonia Luppino
1922 - 2010

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Close Relatives
Family with Nicola Luppino
Nicola Luppino ‎(I195)‎
Birth Delianuova, Italy
Death December
Maria Concetta Leuzzi ‎(I196)‎
Birth Delianuova, Italy
Death December
Maria Antonia Luppino ‎(I187)‎
Birth 3 September 1922 Delianuova, Italy
Death 5 January 2010 ‎(Age 87)‎