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"By understanding the reality of the people who came before us, we can see why we look at the world the way we do, and what our contribution is toward future progress. We can pinpoint where we come in, so to speak, in the longer development of civilization, and that gives us a sense of where we are going."
- James Redfield

Hello to our extended family! We are seeking anyone with the surnames Ietto (aka Yetto or Letto), and Costanzo with roots in Delianuova (Reggio Calabria), Italy or the names Amodeo, Lucchese and Sammarco from Palermo, Sicily in order to build a family tree.

My name is Mark Yetto, and I live outside of Buffalo, New York in the USA. My family name was originally Ietto but, like many of the Ietto's in the USA, it was changed to Yetto many years ago.

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Our family tree contains about 2200 people so far and is growing all the time. All names are indexed, so you can easily find your branch of the tree. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions about this site in general. Please send additional info or corrections to me here.

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