How this all got started...:
My interest in my family's history began when I was a teenager. My Aunt Mickey O'Donnell used to show me letters that she would receive from distant relatives who lived all around the world. It always fascinated me to think that I had family living in places I had only dreamed of.
After my aunt passed away, I promised myself that I would look into our family history, but it wasn't until I discovered the internet that I took that ambition seriously. Just for the fun of it, I typed in the word "Ietto" on an internet search engine, and found names and addresses for hundreds of Ietto's around the world. And so, I began work on our family tree about two years ago.
Since then, I have located hundreds of Ietto's around the world, and have spoken with many of them by phone or via email. Approximately half of the Ietto family remain in Italy, and most of the rest are spread out through the USA, Australia and Brazil.
In closing, I can only say that I wish I had started this project sooner. My aunt knew so much more than I do, even after all of my research. I have found that the best time to record your family history is today, while the older ones are still with us. They can tell you more in five minutes than years of digging through records!

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