Since my visit there in November 2000, I have heard from many of you who would like to know how to plan your own visit to Delianuova. On this page, I will be trying to collect as much info as possible to help you on your way.

Getting There:

The easiest way to get to Delianuova is to fly into Reggio Calabria. Flights from Rome and Milan arrive almost hourly, and the airport is served from many other major cities in Italy as well. There are apparently some trains that can get you from the airport in Reggio to the port of Gioia Tauro, which is then about an 18 mile taxi ride to Delianuova. However, based on the time tables for the train, you'd probably be better off renting a car at the airport and making the 41 mile journey yourself. It is a beautiful drive along the Straits of Messina. From these twisting mountain roads, you will have a spectacular view of Sicily.

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Driving directions from the airport:

1. Exit the airport to Strada Statale 106 Jonica 0.4 mi
2. Turn right on Strada Statale 106 Jonica and go Northeast for 0.3 miles 0.3 mi
3. Turn right on Via Ravagnese and go Southeast for 0.6 miles 0.6 mi
4. Continue on access road and go Southeast for 0.2 miles 0.2 mi
5. Turn left on ramp and go North for 800 feet 0.2 mi
6. Bear right on SS106, E90 and go North for 1.0 miles 1.0 mi
7. Continue on Circonvallazione and go North for 3.4 miles 3.4 mi
8. Exit Circonvallazione via ramp to Autostrada Del Sole, E45, A3 and go North for 900 feet 0.2 mi
9. Bear right on Autostrada Del Sole, E45, A3 and go Northeast for 19 miles 18.9 mi
10. Exit Autostrada Del Sole, E45, A3 via ramp at sign reading "Bagnara C." and go Northwest for 0.3 miles 0.3 mi
11. Turn left on SS112 and go Southeast for 16 miles to DELIANUOVA 15.6 mi

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Where to Stay:

There is a wonderful, resort-style hotel in Delianuova, the Grand Hotel Aspromonte, located at Via Carmelia, 5 (right on the main strip in town). The hotel is very clean and elegant - much like what you might find in say, the Catskills here in the USA - and has been completely rennovated since my last visit in November 2000. The new owners have added a very elegant restaurant and banquet facility, a gellato and pizzeria. The menu is primarily meat/fish prepared in typical Calabrian style. They also feature many local organic products, especially organic honeys and olive oils.

The phone number of the hotel (as you would dial it from the US) is 011 0966 966845, and rates range from 40-80 Euros/night. (I believe they also offer a rate with breakfast included).

Where to Eat:

As I mentioned above, there is a very nice restaurant in the Aspromonte hotel. One of our cousins also tells me of a nice restaurant which specializes in local cuisine named Trattoria da Gianni. Also, Nino Scutella runs a pastry shop a few doors down from the hotel. He speaks excellent English and serves wonderful pastries and espresso. Definitely make this the first stop each morning! For those of you travelling there this year (or to you local Delianuovans) let me know of your experiences at these or other restaurants in Delianuova.

What to See:

There are a surprising number of day trips you can plan around Delianuova. You can tour the organic honey farm, see how olive oil is produced, or simply hike up the mountain for some breath-taking views of the Aspromonte region.

Of course, many of you will want to visit the town hall and the church to research your roots!


Many people I met in Delianuova speak only a little English, so hopefully someone in your group is brushing up on Italiano! To be honest, I speak VERY little Italian and got by well enough in Delianuova, but I had wished that I spoke Italian better so that I could enjoy more of the conversations.